West Twin Grove Christian Church

Bloomington, Illinois

Contributed by Gerald W. Kattke

Copyright 1992 to Present


The following have served as Elders of Twin Grove Christian Church since its organization. They are listed on page 26 of the book.

William Platt moved away
J. M. Ward dismissed by letter, April 1866
Samuel F. Hay resigned
G. M. Hinshaw died 1893
Joel Simmons died about 1865
Roswell Munsell died 1869
John Ross dismissed by letter, 1889
Wesley Short dismissed by letter, 1891
J. W. Johnson  
James Crawford dismissed by letter 1878
E Munsell Chosen Elder Dec 29, 1891
Z T Webb Chosen Elder Dec 29 1891
J. W. Hill died 1902
Samuel Enlow  
W. A. Hill Dec 4, 1908


Members - pages 2-24

Deacons - page 25

Elders - page 26

Meeting Minutes - pages 27-56

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