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conf. confirmed
m. married
im. imigrated
par. parents
unk. unknown
St. John's: St. John's Lutheran Church at Anchor unless otherwise noted
* service

Youck, Pastor Alexander

          12-1-1915 Duval, Sask., Canada - 8-31-1986

          m. 1-28-1945 Dubuque, Iowa to Faith W. Hinz

          par:  Gottfried & Amalia Martin Youck

          children:  David Youck m. Paulette Perkins

                   Stephen Youck m. Kathy Sue Underwood, div

                             m. Debra

Youck, Faith W.           nee Hinz

          8-9-1919 Dubuque, Iowa - 6-6-1999 Heartland, Paxton, Il.

          m. 1-28-1945 Dubuque, Iowa to Pastor Alexander Youck

          par:  Ernest William & Emma Gere Hinz

Youck, Aaron Andrew

          6-7-1977 Springfield, Il - 2-8-1996  Decorah, Iowa

          par:  Dr. Stephen A. & Kathy Sue Underwood Youck

Zander, Henry C.          "Father"

          1851 Province of Pomerania, Germany - Mar 1930  Sibley

                   79 yr 4 mo 25 da

          im:  to US in 1881 with 4 children

          m. 1873 Germany to Fredericka Wagner

          children:  John A. Zander

                   Anna Zander m. Wm. Branz

                   Henry Zander m. Veronica Molck

                   Wilhelmina Zander m. Nicholas Thom

                   Karolina Zander m. Johann Thom

                   Frank Zander

                   Emma Zander m. Marcus Vehrs

                   William Zander m. Anna Sehmann

                   Fred Zander m. Irene Blum

                   Kate Zander m. Wallace Greenwood

Zander, Fredericka   nee Wagner   "Mother"

          1854 Reugen, Germany - 5-26-1930  76 yr 5 mo 23 da

          im:  to US 1881

          m. 1873 Germany to Henry Zander

Zander, John D. August

          5-27-1883 - 4-25-1931   47 yr 10 mo 29 da

          par:  Henry & Fredericka Wagner Zander

Zander, Ida Maria Anna

          buried:  10-25-1889

          par:  Henry & Fredericka Wagner Zander

Zander, Martha Wilhelmina

          buried 1-24-1893

          par:  Henry & Fredericka Wagner Zander

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