United States Federal Census

These are the recorded townships for each of the US Federal Censuses for McLean County, IL. It is the intent to eventually link these with the actual transcribed data. If you are interested in transcribing a year, or just a township for a particular year, please email me. You can also send census data for just your ancestor. Your help will be greatly appreciated and noted. Thank you.

Townships Listed:



Bloomington Dry Grove Oldtown (north side)
Browns Grove Funks Grove Oldtown (south side)
Buckles Grove Horn Grove Randolph Grove
Cheney Grove Hudson Stouts Grove
Diamond Grove Mackanaw (north side) White Oak Grove
District 1 Mackanaw (south side)  
District 33 Money Creek  


Arrowsmith Danvers Mosquito Grove
Bellflower Downs Mount Hope
Bloomington Dry Grove Normal
Bloomington Ward 1 Empire Oldtown
Bloomington Ward 2 Funks Grove Padua
Bloomington Ward 3 Gridley Randolph
Bloomington Ward 4 Hudson Towanda
Blue Mound Lawndale Township 26 N Range 3 E
Cheney Grove Le Roy West
Chenoa Lexington White Oak
Cropsey Martin  
Dale Money Creek  


Allin Dry Grove Mount Hope
Arrowsmith Empire Normal
Bellflower Funks Grove Oldtown
Bloomington Gridley Padua
Blue Mound Heyworth Randolph
Cheney Grove Hudson Saybrook
Chenoa Lawndale Towanda
Cropsey Le Roy West
Dale Lexington White Oak
Danvers Martin Yates
Downs Money Creek  


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Allen Dry Grove Normal
Anchor Ellsworth Old Town
Arrowsmith Empire Orpha
Bell Flower Funks Grove Padua
Bloomington Gridley Randolph
Blue Mound Heyworth Saybrook
Cheneys Grove Holder Shirley
Chenoa Hudson Stanford
Colfax Lawndale Towanda
Covell Le Roy Weedman
Cropsey Lexington West
Dale Martin Weston
Danvers Money Creek White Oak
Downs Mt Hope Yates


Allin Cheney Grove Leroy
Anchor Chenoa Lexington
Arrowsmith Cropsey Martin
Bellflower Dale Money Creek
Bloomington Danvers Mount Hope
Bloomington Ward 1 Dawson Normal
Bloomington Ward 2 Downs Oldtown
Bloomington Ward 3 Dry Grove Randolph
Bloomington Ward 4 Empire Towanda
Bloomington Ward 5 Funks Grove West
Bloomington Ward 6 Gridley Whte Oak
Bloomington Ward 7 Hudson Yates
Blue Mound Lawnsdale  


Allin Cropsey Lexington Ward 1
Anchor Dale Lexington Ward 2
Arrowsmith Danvers Lexington Ward 3
Bellflower Dawson Martin
Bloomington Downs Money Creek
Bloomington Ward 1 Dry Grove Mount Hope
Bloomington Ward 2 Empire Normal
Bloomington Ward 3 Funks Grove Oldtown
Bloomington Ward 4 Gridley Randolph
Bloomington ward 5 Hudson Towanda
Bloomington Ward 6 Lawndale West
Bloomington Ward 7 Le Roy Ward 1 White Oak
Blue Mound Le Roy Ward 2 Yates
Cheney Grove Le Roy Ward 3  
Chenoa Lexington  


Allin Bloomington Precinct 23 Dawson
Anchor Bloomington Precinct 24 Downs
Arrowsmith Bloomington Precinct 25 Dry Grove
Bellflower Bloomington Precinct 26 Funks Grove
Bloomington Bloomington Precinct 27 Gridley
Bloomington Precinct 1 Bloomington Precinct 28 Hudson
Bloomington Precinct 10 Bloomington Precinct 29 Lawndale
Bloomington Precinct 11 Bloomington Precinct 3 Leroy
Bloomington Precinct 12 Bloomington Precinct 30 Lexington
Bloomington Precinct 13 Bloomington Precinct 4 Martin
Bloomington Precinct 14 Bloomington Precinct 5 Money Creek
Bloomington Precinct 15 Bloomington Precinct 6 Mount Hope
Bloomington Precinct 16 Bloomington Precinct 7 Normal
Bloomington Precinct 17 Bloomington Precinct 8 Oldtown
Bloomington Precinct 18 Bloomington Precinct 9 Randolph
Bloomington Precinct 19 Blue Mound Saybrook
Bloomington Precinct 2 Chenoa Towanda
Bloomington Precinct 20 Cropsey West
Bloomington Precinct 21 Dale White Oak
Bloomington Precinct 22 Danvers Yate


ED stands for the Enumeration District on the census.

Allin - ED 57-2 Downs - ED 57-36, 57-37 Money Creek
Anchor - ED 57-3 Dry Grove - ED 57-38 Mount Hope
Arrowsmith - ED 57-4, 57-5 Ellsworth - ED 57-34 Normal
Bellflower - ED 57-6, 57-7 Empire Oldtown
Bloomington - ED 57-8 thru 57-23 Funks Grove Randolph
Blue Mound - ED 57-25 Gridley Saybrook - ED 57-26
Chenoa - ED 57-28, 57-29 Heyworth Stanford - ED 57-1
Colfax Hudson Towanda
Cooksville - ED 57-24 Lawndale West
Cropsey - ED 57-30 Le Roy White Oak
Dale - ED 57-31 Lexington Yates
Danvers - ED 57-32, 57-33 Martin  
Dawson - ED 57-35 McLean  

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