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conf. confirmed
m. married
im. imigrated
par. parents
unk. unknown
St. John's: St. John's Lutheran Church at Anchor unless otherwise noted
* service

Marrin, Anne M.           nee Riecks

          5-14-1891 Anchor Twp - 12-5-1989

          conf:  1906 St. John's

          m. 4-21-1921 Denver, Co to Michael Marrin, d 8-29-1951

          par:  Edward & Lizzie George Riecks

Martens, Jacob    "Father"

          6-2-1866 Wense, Hanover, Germany - 7-27-1933

          im:  to US in 1882

                   Organized Anchor Bank & Farmers Elevator

          m. 2-3-1887 Lawndale Twp to Cornelia Saathoff

          par:  Lutje (Louis) & Margaret Harms Martens

          children:  Minnie Gustina Martens

                   Margaret Louise Martens

                   Ella Martens m. Wolverton

                   John Martens

                   Louis Martens m. Helen Jordan

                   Cornelius Martens

                   Infant dau Martens

Martens, Grace Cornelia       nee Saathoff        "Mother'

          8-24-1867 near Benson, Il - 4-3-1956

          m. 2-3-1887 to Jacob Martens

          par:  John & Justina Meiners Saathoff

Martens, Minnie Gustina

          1-29-1888 - 9-5-1972

          conf:  1908 St. John's

          par:  Jacob & Cornelia Saathoff Martens

Martens, Margaret Louise

          12-14-1890 - 2-17-1971/77    86 yr 2 mo 5 da

          conf:  1908 St. John's

          par:  Jacob & Cornelia Saathoff Martens

Martens, Jacob Louis             Dr. of Science

          4-18-1909 Anchor, Il - 4-5-2001 Fletcher, NC

          m. Helen Jordan

          par:  Jacob & Cornelis Saathoff Martens

Martens, Helen    nee Jordan

          10-26-1917 Georgia - 1-9-2001 Atlanta, Ga

Martens, Otto      "Father"

          11-15-1887 Schribner, Neb - 1-1-1918 American Falls, Idaho

          m. 2-9-1912 St. John's to Amanda Katharina Hensen

          par:  Gustave & Christina Roesch Martens

Martens, Amanda Katharina nee Hensen          "Mother"

          4-6-1889 - 2-26-1942

          conf:  1904 St. John's

          m. 2-9-1912 St. John's to Otto Martens

          par:  Jurgen & Katharine A. Stuck Hensen

*Mehlan, Keith

          9-16-1961 Chicago, Il - 4-23-1995  Lorton, Va

          m. 5-12-1984 Funks Grove, Il to Jane Adelle Andreae

          par:  Edmund & Anita Herdina Mehlan

          children:  Christopher Mehlan

                   Benjamin Mehlan

          service:  Navy - Elected the Navy Band's "Chief of the Quarter", 1990

                   Wrote & arranged music for the band - member of the Red

                   Tassell Chapter of the National Honor Societies.

Meiners, Edward

          1884 - 8-6-1947

          m. 10-4-1911 Colfax to Jessie Reinhart

          par:  John & Etta Janssen Meiners

          children:  Peter J. Meiners m. Ruth Harms

                   Lois Meiners

                   Elmo Meiners m. Laverne McCown

                   John Meiners

                   Rose Meiners m. Kenneth Orendorff

                   Norma Meiners m. Larry Sutter

Meiners, Jessie    nee Reinhart

          8-25-1893 Colfax, Il - 4-17-1988

          m. 10-4-1911 Colfax, Il to Edward Meiners

          par:  Peter & Gesche Schroeder Reinhart

Meiners, Lois

          4-12-1930 - 4-13-1930

          par:  Edward & Jessie Reinhart Meiners

*Meiners, Peter John

          5-30-1912 Anchor, Il - 7-17-1992

          conf:  1927 St. John's

          m. 12-21-1941 St. John's to Ruth E. Harms

          par:  Edward & Jessie Reinhart

          children:  Robert Meiners

                   John Meiners

                   Glenn Meiners

                   Richard Meiners

                   Phyllis Meiners m. Youngberg

`        service:  Sgt US Army 68th Medical Reg. - Europe WW II

Meiners, Ruth E.          nee Harms

          9-23-1913 -

          conf:  1930 St. John's

          m. 12-21-1941 St. John's to Peter John Meiners

Meiners, LaVerne         nee McCown

          12-13-1917 Anchor, Il - 7-25-2000

          m. 9-2-1936 St. John's to Elmo R. Meiners

          par:  Walter & Myrtle Watkins McCown

Meiers, Son

          par:  Nicholas Meiers

Meyer, August

          3-26-1860 Wittingen, Hanover, Germany - 12-11-1912

          note:  Father died when he was 8 years old - oldest of 3 children.

                   Apprenticed at Burgdorf, Germany 4 years - Furrier and cap

                   maker - took over father's business assisted by mother.

          im:  to US 1894

          m. 1881 Germany to Minnie Mueller.  She died 8 years after

                   marriage, buried in Germany

          children:  Dau. m. Herman Timm of Sibley

                   2 daughters taken by relatives - remained in Germany

          m.  2nd wife:  Mrs. Caroline Carlson Otto

          son:  Carl Meyer

Meyer, Caroline Carlson Otto

          d. 1934      85 yr 7 mo 14 da

          buried:  1-13-1934

          m. August Meyer

Miller, Verna      nee Winterland

          3-25-1915 Lexington, Il - 4-21-2001 St. Joseph's Bloomington, Il

          m. Lowell Miller 4-12-1939 Lexington, Il - he died May 2, 1967

          par:  Henry & Rosa Lanzer Winterland

          children:  Mark Miller m. Jan

                   Roger, dec.  m. Darlene

          cremated - burial later date

Milner, Bertha Ann      nee Browning

          1-1-1948 Shelby Co., KY - 12-31-1989

          par:  William & Anna Cunningham Browning

          children:  Patricia Graham

                   Melissa Graham

Molck, Marcus "Max"

          7-13-1836 Kellinghusen, Holstein, Germany - 11-28-1915

          conf:  Germany

          im:  to Anchor Twp in 1881

          m. 1876 Heide Holstein Germany to Georgine Schreine

          children:  Andrew J. Molck

                   Emil Molck

                   Anna Molck m. Wilhelm Buesing

                   Emma Molck m. Emil Blohm

                   Veronika Molck m. Heinrich Zanders

                   Marie Molck m. Wm. O. Ackerman

Molck, A.C. Georgine  nee Schreiner (Moelk)

          7-22-1847 Germany - 4-3-1906

          conf:  Germany

          m. 1876 Heide, Germany to Marcus Molck

          par:  Jacob E. & Anna Junge Schreiner

Molck, Herman Carl

          Aug 1899 Gibson City, Il - 7-23-1955 Anchor, Il

          conf:  1915 St. John's

          m. 1-30-1929 St. John's to Minnie Schmidt

          par:  Andrew & Margareatha Brandt Molck

          children:  Karen Lee Molck m. Jefferson Day

Molck, Minnie    nee Schmidt

          April 1900 Anchor Twp - Oct 1956  55 yr 11 mo 10 da

          conf:  1910 St. John's

          m. 1-30-1929 St. John's to Herman Carl Molck

          par:  Chris & Claudina Bielfeldt Schmidt

Molck, Elsie A.   nee Landau

          4-27-1894 - 6-9-1918 Sibley, Il

          m. 2-16-1916 St. John's to Max Molck

Molck, John Jacob       "Father"

          9-12-1895 Ludlow, Il - 11-10-1948

          conf:  1911 St. John's

          m. 10-8-1919 St. John's to Augusta Wilhelmina Clausen

          par:  Andrew J.H. & Margaretha Brandt Molck

          children:  Wilbur J. Molck

                   Ronald W. Molck

                   Eugene Molck m. Lois Rettmann

                   Mervin Molck

Molck, Augusta Wilhelmina           nee Clausen         "Mother'

          7-26-1894 Sibley, Il - 1-30-1989

          conf:  1909 St. John's

          m. 10-8-1919 St. John's to John Jacob Molck

          par:  John & Mary Brading Clausen

Molck, Ronald W.

          1928 - 2-15-1932        3 yr 1 mo 20 da   scarlet fever

          par;  John Jacob & Augusta W. Clausen Molck

*Molck, Wilbur J.

          1920 -

          conf:  1935 St. John's

          par:  John Jacob & Augusta W. Clausen Molck

          service:  Europe WWII

*Molck, Eugene Andrew

          2-6-1924 - 7-12-1983

          conf:  1938 St. John's

          m. 8-25-1946 St. John's to Lois Rettmann

          par:  John Jacob & Augusta W.Clausen

          service:  PFC US Army WWII

          children:  Michael Molck m. Cheryl Williams

                   John Molck

                   Sheryl Molck m. Robert Steele

                   Jane Ellen Molck m. Brian Dameron

                   Joyce Meanette Molck m. Sam Carmack

Molck, Emil

          9-17-1872 - 11-22-1945  Rantoul, Il

          par:  Marcus & Anna Katherine Georgina Schreiner Molck

Molck, Lois F.    nee Rettmann/Rethmann

          5-13-1925 -

          m. 8-25-1946 St. John's to Eugene Andrew Molck

Molck, Katherina         nee Onken (not on cemetery records)

          1846 - 1887

Moller/Moeller, Otto J.M.

          6-3-1856 Wesselburen Prov. Holstein, Germany - 4-20-1923 Saybrook, Il

          conf:  Germany

          im:  to US 1890

          m. 5-10-1878 Wesselburen Prov. Holstein, Germany to Anna Beckmann

Moller/Moeller, Anna D.       nee Beckmann

          12-20-1858 Weddingstedt, Holstein, Germany - 2-28-1917

          conf:  Germany

          im:  to US 1890

          m. 5-10-1878 Wesselburen, Holstein, Germany to Otto J.M. Moller

          par:  Herman & Margaretha E. Hamm Beckmann

Muehlenpfort, John J.

          11-21-1886 Anchor Twp - 1-9-1941

          m. 1-1-1908 St. John's to Wilhelmina K. "Minnie" Hoffmann

          par:  Herman & Anna Muehlenpfort

          children:  Weldon Stanley Muehlenpfort

                   Kenneth Muehlenpfort

                   Emerson Muehlenpfort

                   Viola Muehlenpfort m. Brockman

                   Lois Muehlenpfort m. Kietzman

Muehlenpfort, Wilhelmina Katherine      nee Hoffmann

          1-17-1888 Anchor Twp - 5-8-1980

          conf:  1906 St. John's

          m. 1-1-1908 St. John's to John J. Muehlenpfort

          par:  Frederick W. & Augusta Fricke Hoffmann

Muehlenpfort, Weldon Stanley

          11-24-1916 - 12-10-1916    16 da

          par:  John J. & Wilhelmine Hoffmann Muehlenpfort

Muehlenpfort, Kenneth

          11-25-1914 - 7-6-1993

          par:  John J. & Wilhelmine Hoffmann Muehlenpfort

Mueller, Ferdinand J.   "Father"

          5-23-1858 Germany - 3-25-1923 Bloomington, Il

          m. 1883 to Rickie Struebing

          children:  Hilda Mueller

                   Ida Mueller

                   Otto Mueller m. Ethel Bane

Mueller, Rickie   nee Struebing      "Mother"

          3-6-1861 - 6-19-1936 Bloomington, Il

          m. 1883 to Ferdinand J. Mueller

Mueller, Hilda

          12-25-1885 - 4-7-1909

          conf:  1901 St. John's

          par:  Ferdinand J. & Rickie Struebing Mueller

Mueller, Ida Friederika Theresse

          3-5-1888 - 4-25-1905

          conf:  1901 St. John's

          par:  Ferdinand J. & Rickie Struebing Mueller

Mueller, Johann Joseph

          1-1-1855 - 3-19-1895

          m. 1-13-1884 St. John's to Wilhelmina Friday (Freitag)

Neldner, Reinhard W.

          10-10-1890 Milwaukee, Wisc. - 7-30-1976 Normal, Il

          m. 12-2-1919 Normal, Il to Ida Melinda Schleeter

          par:  Wilhelm & Anna Manthee Neldner

          children:  Randall H. Neldner m. Margaret Petty

                   Louis R. Neldner m. Donna West

                   Lyla M. Neldner m. Amos W. Phillip

                   Marilyn J. Neldner m. Thos. Beauchamp

Neldner, Ida Melinda    nee Schleeter

          2-20-1897 - 11-1-1994

          conf:  1912 St. John's

          m. 12-2-1919 Normal, Il to Reinhard W. Neldner

          par:  August Christian & Fredericka Wichmann Schleeter

Neubauer, August Johann

          3-26-1847 Germany - 11-15-1916 Sibley, Il

          im:  to US 1892 to Sibley in 1908

          m. 2-8-1874 to Augusta Ludwig

          children:  Theodore Neubauer

                   Julius Neubauer

                   Ida Neubauer m. Herman Stroh

Neubauer, Augusta      nee Ludwig

          1851 Germany - 11-24-1932

          im:  to Sibley, Il 1908

          m. 2-8-1874 Germany to August Johann Neubauer

Neubauer, Emma Martha

          1888 - 9-15-1907        19 yr

          par:  August & Augusta Ludwig Neubauer

Niesche, Adolph Friedrich

          3-27-1810 Germany - 6-17-1895

          m. Katharine Wilhelmine Broderson

          children:  Wilhelmina Marie Niesche m. Frederick Bielfeldt

                                      m. W.N. Beecher

                   Elsabet "Minnie'Niesche m. John Frahm

                   Anna Niesche

                   Lena Niesche

Niesche, Katharine Wilhelmine      nee Broderson

          1-4-1812 Germany - 3-27-1888

Niesche, Adolph L. Johann

          1-14-1909 - 12-28-1913      typhoid fever

          par:  Adolph & Minnie George Niesche (moved to MN)

Niesche, Heinrich Adolph

          2-24-1894 - 4-15-1894

          par:  F.R. & Amanda Niesche

Ommen, Helene  Maria

          7-14-1881 Ardorf, Germany - 6-11-1909

          m. Jilde Jurgens Ommen

          par:  Berend Gerdes Onken & Heimke Margaretha Schoon

Ommen, John/Johann  Ludwig                 "Father"

          1-20-1870 West Dunum Germany - 9-9-1917 Schoolcraft, Mich.

                               car-train accident

          m. 2-3-1895 St. John's to Theda G. Suntken

          children:  Ludwig W. Ommen

                   Johanna Ommen m. Harms

                    Emilie Ommen m. Satchwell

                   Clara Ommen m. Grussing

                   Charles Ommen

Ommen, Theda Gerhardina Juliana          nee Suntken         "Mother"

          7-24-1872 Neugaude/Essen, Germany - 7-11-1946 Peoria, Il

          m. 2-3-1895 St. John's to John L. Ommen

          par:  John & Theda Suntken

Ommen, Ludwig Wilhelm     "Son"

          7-10-1899 Guthrie, Il   - 9-9-1917 Schoolcraft, Mich.  car-train accident, age 18

          par:  John L. & Theda Suntken Ommen

Osborne, Margaret Alberta    nee Suntken

          9-7-1925 Sibley,Il - 12-17-2000 Leasburg, Mo

          par:  John H. & Marie Kathryn Wickman Suntken

          son:  Chester "Sonny" Suntken m. Mary

Ommen, Theodor

          buried:  2-16-1904      4 da

Onken, Child

          par:  Wilhelm Onken

Osborne, Margaret A.

          one date:  9-7-1925

Philip, Child

          par:  Ernst Philip

Painter, Linden Irving

          9-25-1911 Foosland, Il - 9-13-1999

          m. 3-24-1940 to Florence Beecher

          par:  Arthur & Nora Dalburg painter

          children:  Lynette Painter m. Dr. Dennis Messamore

                   Mary Painter m. Brent Bohlen

                   Lynne Painter m.  unk., dec.

                             m. Sidney Messamore

Painter, Florence          nee Beecher

          2-25-1912 - 1-18-2002

          m. 3-24-1940 to Linden Irving Painter

          par:  Wm. Reinhold & Henrietta Simpsesn Beecher

Quinn, Roy L.

          8-19-1900 Charleston, Il - 5-19-1975 Gibson City - suicide

          m. 11-4-1933 St. John's to Melba Beecher

          par:  Henry & Emma Burro Quinn

          children:  Judith Quinn m. Gayle Glascock

                   Charles Quinn m. Marilyn Fear

Quinn, Melba      nee Beecher

          10-26-1912 Anchor Twp - 2-3-1992

          m. 11-4-1933 St. John's to Roy L. Quinn

          m. 9-23-1979 to Charles Bane

          par:  Edward & Maude Hasty Beecher

Rasmussen, Elsabea nee Junge

          9-15-1810 Germany - 2-14-1899

          conf:  Germany

          m. Germany to Peter Rasmussen

          children:  Margaretha Rasmussen m. John F. Stroh

                   Louise Rasmussen m. Carl Schroeder

Rausch, Edmund Otto

          1-11-1901 Marine City, Mich. - 11-25-1982 Kankakee, Il

          m. 6-6-1935 St. John's to Alice Josephina C. Hahn

          par:  Rev. & Mrs. Emil Rausch

          dau:  Carol Rausch m. Gorski

Rausch, Alice Josephina C.   nee Hahn

          7-24-1904 - 11-22-1990 Bloomington, Il

          conf:  1919 St. John's

          m. 6-6-1935 St. John's to Edmund Otto Rausch

          par:  Pastor Andrew & Ida Grey Hahn

Reitz, Anna M.    "Mother"

          d. 3-26-1886

          dau:  infant Anna Caroline

Reitz, Anna Caroline

          3-24-1886 - 9-3-1886 5 mo 13 da

          par:  Claus & Anna M. Reitz         b   

Reitz, Henrich I. Christian Johann

          4-4-1888 - 4-21-1892    4 yr

          par:  Claus & Anna Katharine Caroline Borchers Reitz

Reitz, Elsie

          buried:  10-17-1895

          par:  Claus & Anna Borchers Reitz

*Riddle Franklin "Duane"

          10-13-1932 Clinton, Il - 12-25-2000 Bloomington, Il

          m. 6-19-1955 St. John's

          par:  Simon & Ruth Sanders Doman Riddle

          service:  Navy  Korean Conflict

          children:  Scott Riddle m. Eileen

                   David Riddle m. Julie

                   Chris Riddle m. Diane

                   Todd Riddle m. Penny

Riecks, Friedrich August

          3-25-1823 Holtland, Osteriesland, Germany - 2-10-1905

          im:  to US September 1893

          m. Maria Hicken/Heckens

          children:  Ammo G. Riecks

                   George Riecks

                   Fred Riecks m. Lena Bielfeldt

                   Edward Riecks m. Lizzie George

                             m. Hedwig Hundt

                   Dau Riecks - died 1883 infancy in Germany

Riecks, Maria      nee Hicken/Heckens

          6-23-1826 Germany - 7-23-1897

          im:  to US September 1893

          m. Friedrich August Riecks

Riecks, Ammo G.

          2-10-1858  Waguers, Fehn, Germany - 4-12-1929 Anchor Twp

          conf:  Geremany

          im:  to US 1893

          par:  Friedrich Augusst & Maria Hicken Riecks

Riecks, Fred August

          1-17-1863 Ostfriesland, Germany - 3-24-1944 Anchor Twp

          im:  to US 1892

          m. 3-13-1895 St. John's to Wiebka Karolina Augusta "Lena" Bielfeldt

          par:  Friedrich August & Maria Hicken Riecks

          children:  August Riecks

                   William Riecks m. Edith Taylor

                             m. Velna Hall

                   Edward Riecks

                   Minnie Riecks m. Robert McClure

                   Lena Riecks m. Lavern Brucker

Riecks, Wiebka Karolina A. "Lena"  nee Bielfeldt

          8-22-1876 Anchor Twp - 7-6-1957

          conf:  1891 St. John's

          m. 3-13-1895 St. John's to Fred August Riecks

          par:  Friedrich & Wilhelmine Niesche Bielfeldt

Riecks, August Friedrich

          2-17-1899 Anchor Twp - 11-20-1937

          conf:  1915 St. John's

          par:  Fred August & Wiebka K.A. Lena Bielfeldt Riecks

Riecks, Frederick William

          9-13-1902 Anchor Twp - 10-13-1993 Heritage Manor Gibson City, Il

          conf:   1918 St. John's

          m. 11-13-1927 to Edith Taylor

          m. 9-20-1947 to Velna Hall

          par:  Fred August & Lena Bielfeldt Riecks

          children:  Vauna Riecks m. Dale Jones

                   Roberta Riecks m. David Stein

                   Shirley Riecks m. Ronald Wright

                   Kenneth Riecks m.

                   Karolyn Elizabeth Riecks m. Wayne Estes

Riecks, Edith       nee Taylor

          6-28-1907 Anchor, Il - 8-13-1946

          conf:  1930 St. John's

          m. 11-12-1927 St. John's to F. William Riecks

          par:  Wm. & Eva Austin Taylor

Riecks, Velna E.           nee Hall

          4-12-1915 Rich Hills, Mo - 12-11-2000 Des Plaines, Il

          m. 9-10-1947 St. John's to F. William Riecks

          par:  Homer & Lizzie Hafer Hall

Riecks, Eddie H.

          1905 -

          conf:  1921 St. John's

          par:  Friedrich & Lena Bielfeldt Riecks

Riecks, Edward

          3-5-1865 Germany - 5-29-1946

          im:  to US 1893

          m. 12-3-1890 Lizzie George

          m. Oct 1906 to Hedwig Hundt

          par:  Frederich Augusts & Marie Hickens Riecks

          children by 1st wife:

                   Ann Riecks m. M.G. Marrin

                   Maria Riecks m. Fred Bielfeldt

                   Lillian Riecks m. Walter Larson

                   Fred Riecks m. Emma Friday

                   Louis Riecks

                   Henry George Riecks

                   Gesina Riecks

                   Infant Riecks

          children by 2nd wife:

                   Irma Riecks m. Mueller

                   Ida Riecks m. Wm. Hamilton

                   Rita Riecks

Riecks, Hedwig   nee Hundt

          6-29-1885 Posen, Germany - 4-16-1947

          m. 5-29-1906 to Edward Riecks

Riecks, Elise Christine "Lizzie"     nee George

          3-9-1871 Dry Grove Twp - 6-11-1905   childbirth, baby stillborn

          conf:  1888 St. John's

          m. 12-3-1890 to Edward Riecks

          par:  Henry & Anna Marie Schleeter George

                   buried w/ her parents

Riecks, Infant

          b&d  6-11-1905

          par:  Edward & Lizzie George Riecks

Riecks, Louis Wilhelm

          1903 - 7-7-1905          gastritis

          par:  Edward & Lizzie George Riecks

Riecks, Henry George

          April 1900 -10-2-1900         cholera infantum

          par:  Edward & Lizzie George Riecks

Riecks, Gesina Wilhelmina

          1894 - 1895        10 mos       whooping cough

          par:  Edward & Lizzie George Riecks

Riecks, Rita M.

          7-1-1922 Anchor, Il - 2-17-1995 San Angelo, TX

          conf:  1935 St. John's

          par:  Edward & Hedwig Hundt Riecks

Riecks, Fred A. "Toby"

          7-2-1893 Anchor Twp - 6-2-1978 Gibson City, Il

          conf:  1909 St. John's

          m. 4-25-1917 St. John's to Emma J. Friday (Freitag)

          par:  Edward & Lizzie George Riecks    

          children:  Lyle Riecks m. Joyce Jacobs

                    Eugene  Riecks m. Geraldine

                   Irene Riecks m. Myron Kennedy

Riecks, Emma J. nee Friday (Freitag)

          2-14-1894 - 8-15-1969

          conf:  1909 St. John's

          m. 4-25-1917 St. John's to Fred A. Riecks

          par:  Henry & Anna Bielfeldt Friday

*Riecks, Lyle E.

          1918 -

          conf:  1931 St. John's

          m. 10-17-1948 Bloomington, Il to Joyce J. Jacobs

          par:  Fred A. & Emma Friday Riecks

          son:  Steven Riecks

          service:  US Army  WWII

*Riecks, Joyce J.          nee Jacobs

          6-12-1922 Bloomington, Il - 10-10-1985 Gibson City Hosp. Annex

          conf:  1949 St. John's

          m. 10-17-1948 Bloomington, Il to Lyle E. Riecks

          par:  Ralph F. & Gladys Ward Jacobs

          service:  Tec 4 US Army Medical Corp WWII

Road, Freddie Claudius

          10-8-1915 - 11-2-1915

          par:  Oscar & Hannah Hansen Road

Road, Paulene Dorothea

          7-23-1917 - 11-13-1917   4 mo 10 da

`        par:  Oscar & Hannah Hansen Road

Road, Virgil Elton

          one date:  2-1-1921

          par:  Oscar & Hannah Hansen Road

Roesch, Frederick P.

          6-4-1859 Lieth, Holstein, Germany - 2-12-1932 Sibley, Il

          im: to US in 1886

          m. 12-10-1880 Germany to Anna Voss

          par:  Paul Henry Roesch & Magdalena Dreschen

          children:  Gretchen Roesch m. Richard Borchers

                   Lizzie Roesch m. John Meyer

Roesch, Anna      nee Voss

          August 1854 Germany - 12-27-1931

          im:  to US in 1886

          m. 12-10-1880 Germany to Fred Roesch

Roesch, John Heinrich

          2-17-1856 Braaken, Hemmingstedt, Germany - 2-6-1914

          note:  Left  home when a small boy - lived with Uncle in Hessted

                   where he was confirmed.  Later worked on farm with the

                   soldiers for two years. 

          im:  to US in 1882

          m. 1879 Hemmingstedt, Germany to Elise W. Wiebers

          par:  Paul Henry Roesch & Magdalene Dreschen

          children:  Heinrich Roesch

                   Infant Roesch

                   Herman Roesch

                   William Roesch m. Emma Martens

                   Henry Roesch m. Emma Winter

                   John Roesch m. Louise Suntken

                   Minnie Roesch m. John Brokate

                   Anna Roesch m. John Simpsen

                   Emma Roesch m. Andrew Stroh

Roesch, Elise W.          nee Wiebers

          January 1856 Germany - 12-19-1934

          im:  to US in 1882

          m. 1879 Germany to John Heinrich Roesch

Roesch, Infant Daughter

          b&d:  6-1-1888

          par:  John H. & Elise Wiebers Roesch

Roesch, Heinrich

          11-29-1883 - 10-4-1884

          par:  John H. & Elise Wiebers Roesch

Roesch, Herman

          9-25-1891 - 6-3-1876

          conf:  1907 St. John's

          par:  John H. & Elise Wiebers Roesch

*Roesch, Henry C.

          6-9-1889 Anchor, Il - 2-11-1980 Bloomington, Il

          conf:  1905 St. John's

          m. 1-7-1920 Sibley, Il to Emma Winters

          par:  John H. & Elise W. Wiebers Roesch

          service:  US Army WWI

          children:  Bernadine Roesch m. Bernard Dickson

                   Earl H. Roesch m. Anna May Zachay

Roesch, Emma    nee Winter

          12-14-1893 Sibley, Il - 4-30-1967 Saybrook, Il

          m. 1-7-1920 Sibley, Il to Henry C. Roesch

          par:  Wm. Carl & Helena Witt Winter

Roesch, Baby

          buried:  11-23-1893

          par:  Frederick & Anna Voss Roesch

*Roesch, Earl Henry

          12-28-1927 - 6-16-1988

          conf:  1943 St. John's

          m. 12-9-1951 Saybrook, Il to Anna Mae Zachay

          par:  Henry C. & Emma Louise Winter

          service:  US Army  Korea

          children:  David Roesch

                   Rebecca Roesch

Roesch, Anna Mae       nee Zackay

          11-18-1931 -

          conf:  1952 St. John's

          m. 12-9-1951 Saybrook, Il to Earl Henry Roesch

Roesch, Louise B.        nee Suntken

          8-20-1903 Triplet, Mo - 8-15-2000 Heritage Manor, Bloomington, IL

          m. 8-29-1922 to John Roesch, div

          par:  John H. & Mary K. Wickmann Suntken

Roesch, John A.

          6-19-1898 Anchor Twp - 1-24-1995 Heritage Manor, Gibson City,Il

          m. 8-29-1922 to Louise Suntken, div.

          par:  John H. & Elise Wiebers Roesch

          children:  Merle J. Roesch m. Dorothy Fuoss

                   Vernon Roesch m. Jessie Donner

                   Wilma Roesch m. Dillman

*Roesch, Merle J.

          8-15-1923 - 8-11-1984

          conf:  1941 St. John's

          m. 1-9-1949 to Dorothy M. Fuoss

          par:  John A. & Louise Suntken Roesch

          service:  Sgt.  US Army WWII

          children:  Linda Roesch m. Ron Gregory

                   Michael Roesch m. Sherrie

                   Terry Roesch m. Debra Brooks

                   Rickie Lee Roesch m. Rhonda

                   Dennis Roesch, dec.

Roesch, Dorothy M.     nee Fuoss

          10-12-1926 Thawville, Il - 3-24-2000

          m. 1-9-1949 Thawville, Il to Merle J. Roesch

          par:  George Michael & Louise Emaline Hethke Fuoss

Roesch, Vernon Harold

          12-25-1924 -

          conf:  1941 St. John's

          m. 10-29-1944 St. John's to Jessie M. Donner

          par:  John A. & Louise Suntken Roesch

          children:  Douglas Roesch m. Kara Simmons

                   John Roesch

                   Pat Roesch

Roesch, Jessie M.         nee Donner

          12-13-1923 -

          conf:  1945 St. John's

          m. 10-29-1944 St. John's to Vernon Harold Roesch

          par:  Lee & Marie Beck Donner

Rhode, Heinrich Nicholaus

          3-27-1815 Heide, Holstein, Germany - 9-26-1898

          conf:  Germany

          m. Germany to Anna Kathrine M. Schletzer

          children:  John Rhode m. Louise Fehrs

                                      m. Doris Borchers

                   Wiebka Margaretha Rhode m. John Brandt

                   Anna Margaret Rhode m. Henry Simpsen

                   Jacob Rhode m. Minnie Niesche

Rhode, Anna Katharina M.  nee Schletzer (Schleeter)

          10-15-1818 Meldorf, Holstein, Germany - 6-17-1892

          conf:  Germany

          m. Germany to Heinrich Nicholaus Rhode

Rhode, Johann Jacob

          1-27-1886 - 8-6-1886

          par:  Jacob & Minnie Niesche Rhode

Rhode, John

          1846 Germany - 7-29-1891

          m. Louise Pehres

          m. Doris Borchers

          par:  Heinrich & Katharina Schletzer Rhode

Rhode, Dorothea

          buried 1-28-1931  84 yr 2 mo 12 da

Ruhlander, Baby

          buried  7-4-1897  2 mos

          par:  Friederick Ruhlander

Roenna, Claus Detloff

          6-7-1854 Germany - Jan  15, 1904

          m. 9-11-1885 St. John's to Katherina Timm

          children:  Herman Roenna

                   Fred Roenna

                   Willie Roenna

                   Albert Roenna

                   Alvena "Alma" Roenna m. August  Peters

                   Claudina Roenna

                   Anna Roenna

                   Emma Roenna

Ruther, Herman

          2-10-1863 Weddingstadt, Holstein, Germany - 11-2-1926

          im:  to US in 1882

          m. May 12, 1889 to Emilie Hauser

          par:  Frederich Jacob Johann & Wiebe Christine Nissen Ruther

          son:  Johann Ruther

Ruther, Ernestina Johana Mathilda

          buried 10-26-1892

Ruther, Frederick

          1822 Germany - 1889

          m. Wiebke Christina Nissen

          par:  Claus Peter & Anna Christina Grimmsmann Ruther

Ruther, Fritz Jakob Johann

          buried:  10-31-1890

Ruther, Wiebke Christine      nee Nissen

          1821 Germany - Dec 1906

                   buried 12-6-1906

          m. Frederick Jacob Johann Ruther

          par:  Detlaf & Anna Margaretha Boyens Nissen

Ruther, Emilie    nee Hauser

          8-15-1869 Riffersweil, near Zurich, Switzerland - 6-12-1925 Saybrook, Il

          m. 1899 to Herman Ruther

Ruther, Marie Christine Elsebea

          6-23-1885 - 9-23-1885

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