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conf. confirmed
m. married
im. imigrated
par. parents
unk. unknown
St. John's: St. John's Lutheran Church at Anchor unless otherwise noted
* service

Hahn, Pastor Andrew

          10-11-1865  Weissach, Wartenberg, Germany - 10-11-1936   71 yr

          conf:  Germany

          im:  to America in 1884

          m. 8-12-1888 Mendota, Il to Ida P. Grey

          par:  Andrew & Catherine Buehrer Hahn

          children:  Paulina Esther Hahn

                   Hulda Martha Hahn

                   Andrew Heinrich Andreas Hahn m. Wilhelmina Reinhardt

                   Paul Hahn

                   Alice A. Ida Hahn

                   Pauline Hahn m. Roy Kegerreis

                   Alice Josephine Hahn m. Edmund Rausch

                   Marie Hahn (twin) m. Arne Hansen

                   Leola Hahn (twin) m. Roy Ferdinand

Hahn, Ida P.         nee Gray

          12-20-1868 Mendota, Il - 8-10-1851

          m. 8-12-1888 Mendota to Pastor Andrew Hahn

Hahn, Pauline Esther

          7-7-1889  Leola ND - 3-5-1897  measles

          par:  Pastor Andrew & Ida P. Grey Hahn

Hahn, Hulda Martha

          2-27-1891  Anchor Twp - 3-29-1966 - invalid since childhood

          conf:  1906 St. John's

          par:  Pastor Andrew & Leola P. Grey Hahn

Hahn, Alice A. Ida

          4-1-1897 - 10-26-1897 - thrown from carriage by run-away horses

          par:  Pastor Andrew & Ida P. Grey Hahn

Hahn, Lorene Emma Amelia          nee Stroh

          3-7-1949 Melvin, Il - 3-20-1994 Americana Champaign, Il

          conf:  1927 St. John's

          m. 8-27-1938 Chicago to Wm. Frederick Hahn (he died 2-28-1966)

          par:  Ferdinand & Minnie Beck Stroh

          stone:  share w/Wilma Fern Stroh Cook, sister

          children:  Gail Frances Hahn m. Robert Lee Hutchcraft

                   Carol Jean Hahn m. Ronald L. Davis

                             she died 2-24-1997 - heart

Hall, Homer Edwin

          6-25-1888 - 5-14-1976

          m. 4-15-1914 to Lizzie A. Hafer

          children:  Everett Hall

                   Marvin Hall

                   Marion Hall

                   Norman Hall

                   Velna Hall m. Wm. "Bill" Riecks

Hall, Lizzie A.     nee Hafer

          1889  - 7-11-1975

          par:  Wm. Henry & Mary Fornoff Hafer

Hammer, Theodore Ludwig

          7-27-1903 Effingham Co., Il - 6-27-1988

          m. 12-21-1926 to Inez Heins - she died 12-8-1927

          m. 9-23-1929 to Laura Niehoff

          m. 4-15-1982 to Florence J. Miller

          par:  John & Alvinna Milchmann Hammer

          children:  Don Hammer m. Darlene Landau

                   Wayne Hammer m. Kay Troyer

                   Hulone Hammer m. Delbert Schneider

Hammer, Laura A.        nee Niehoff

          1-28-1903 - 10-2-1977

          m. 9-23-1929  Indianapolis, Ind to Theodore L. Hammer

          par:  August & Matilda Minning Niehoff

Hansen, Catherine        nee Timm   "Mother"

          1-30-1868 Steinfeld, Holstein, Germany - 7-17-1921

          conf:  Germany

          im:  to US in 1893

          m. Claus Hansen

          children:  Anna Hansen m. Ed Jacobs

                   Hannah Hansen m. Oscar Road

                   Claus Wm. Hansen m. Emma Clausen

                   Herman Hansen m. Ida Clausen

                   Emma Pauline Hansen

                   Henry Hansen


Hansen, Emma Pauline

          9-10-1901 - 1-28-1920

          conf:  1916 St. John's

          par:  Claus & Catherina Timm Hansen

Hansen, Henry

          6-29-1904 - 1-13-1912 - scarlet fever

          par:  Claus & Catherina Timm Hansen

Hansen, Claus William          "Father"

          11-9-1894 Melvin, Il - 2-5-1940  Gibson City, Il

          conf:  1911 St. John's

          m. 12-20-1916 St. John's to Emma Margaretha Clausen

          par:  Claus & Catherina Timm Hansen

          children:  Viola Hansen m. Bernard Finis

                   Mildred Hansen m. Otis Perkins

                   Weldon Hansen m. Elizabeth Savage

                   Arnold Hansen m. Marge Rapp

                   Vernon Henry Hansen

                   Dorothy Hansen m. Smith

                             m. Ed Knutsen

                   Mary Ann Hansen m. George Loveless

                   Louella Hansen  m. Robert Arends

Hansen, Emma Margaretha  nee Clausen   "Mother"

          3-15-1892  Sibley, Il - 8-9-1956  Gibson City, Il

          conf:  1906 St. John's

          m. 12-20-1916 St. John's to Claus Wm. Hansen

          par:  John & Anna Marie Brading Clausen

Hansen, Vernon Henry

          6-3-1919 - 2-4-1920  5 mo

          par:  Claus Wm. & Emma Margaretha Clausen Hansen

Hansen, Hans Jacob

          8-8-1841  Offenbuttel, Holstein, Germany - 4-9-1912

          conf:  Germany

          im:  Came to US in 1868 - settled near Danvers, Il - later to

                   Anchor Twp.  Farmed the Gish land 18 years, then bought

                   in Cheney's Grove Twp.  Was Charter member of

                   St. John's Church - helped 1st and 2nd churches

          m. 1874 to Christine Stuck Niesche

Hansen, Christine M.   nee Stuck

          3-26-1840 Schlesweig, GErmany - 1-28-1908

          conf:  Germany

          im:  to US in 1872

          m. March 1860 to Adolph Niesche - he died in 1868 in Germany

          m. 1874 to Hans J. Hansen

          children:  by Niesche:  Wilhelmina Niesche

                   Frederick Niesche

          children:  by Hansen:

                   Margaretha Hansen m. Charles Ficken

                   Maria Magdalene Hansen m. Henry Fasking

                   Johann Hansen

Hansen, Johann Christian

          1884 - 4-22-1965

          conf:  1902

          par:  Hans J. & Christine Stuck Niesche Hansen

Hansen, Baby

          buried:  12-31-1905

          par:  Claus & Katharine Timm Hansen

Hansen, Claus William

          buried:  8-31-1941

          par:  Claus & Katharine Timm Hansen

Hansen, Henry H.

          1871 - 1937

Hardies, Otto F.

          5-17-1879 - 4-6-1965

          m. Minnie G. Stroh

          children:  Louise Hardies m. Frank STiger

                   Margaret Hardies - never married

                   Helen M. Hardies  m. Fred Retter

Hardies, Fredericka C. "Minnie"  nee Stroh

          3-16-1879 Anchor Twp - 2-5-1953

          conf:  1894  St. John's

          m. Otto F. Hardies

          par:  John F. & Margaretha Rasmussen Stroh

Hardies, Margaretha Hulde M.E.

          12-17-1905 - 6-12-1970

          conf:  1918 St. John's

          par:  Otto F. & Minnie F. Stroh Hardies

Hardt, Ernest

          1864 - 6-4-1940

          m. 12-21-1889 St. John's to Emma Christine Wilhelmina Steinlicht

          adopted sons:  Chris Hardt

                   Henry Hardt

Hardt, Emma Christine Wilhelmina  nee Steinlicht

          6-21-1874 Germany - Dec 1961

          conf:  1888 St. John's

          m. 12-21-1889 St. John's to Ernest Hardt

          par:  Frederick & Henricke Hoffman Steinlicht

Hardt, Friedrich Johann

          1-15-1886  Sasel, Holstein, Germany - 9-22-1928  Anchor Twp.

          m. 3-21-1909 Hamburg Germany to Martha Glissman

          children:  Clara Hardt m. Henry Holsten, Sr.

                   Ernest Hardt m. Mary Coile

                   Bruno Hardt

Hardt, Martha nee Glissman

          3-24-1891  Hamburg, Germany - 5-11-1978

          m. 3-21-1909 Hamburg, Germany to Friedrich Johann Hardt

          par:  Wilhelm & Wilhelmina Firost Glissman

Hardt, Anna Christine

          buried:  7-8-1888  5 mos

Hassebrock, Henry Fred

          1-17-1893 - 2-15-1963

          m. 2-29-1916 to Frieda S. Rippel

          par:  Henry & Henrietta Quebe Hassebrock

          children:  Herman Hassebrock

                   Glenna Hassebrock m. Lewis Bielfeldt, dec

                             m. Stanley Warsaw

Hassebrock, Frieda S.  nee Rippel

          7-28-1896 ElPaso, Il - 3-22-1989

          m. 2-29-1916 to Henry Fred Hasselbrock

          par:  Charles & Louise Hein Rippel

Heberlein, Ferdinand Fredrich Albert

          3-3-1857  Pommern Prov., Germany - 9-24-1916 Idaho

                   car-train accident

          m. May 1880 Hamburg Germany to Elise Borchers

          children:  two infants

Heberlein, Baby

          4-13-1885 - 4-14-1885

          par:  Ferdinand & Elise Heberlein

Heberlein, Baby

          buried:  6-17-1886

          parents:  Ferdinand & Elise Heberlein

Henrick, Child

Heberlein, Elizabeth (nee Borchers?)

          1861 - 5-14-1939

          m. May 1880 Hamburg, Germany to Ferdinand F. Heberlein

Heckens, Julius

          1905 - May 1907  ND

          par:  Claus Heckens

Hensen, Jurgen Heinrich

          12-4-1849 - 12-10-1918

          conf:  1903  St. John's

          m. 1872 to Kathrine A. Stuck

          children:  Theodore Freidrich Hensen m. Margaret Timcke

                   Otto Hensen m. Louise Wichmann

                   Herman John Hensen

                   George Hensen

                   Henry Hensen

                   Wilhelm Hensen m. Dorothea Niesche

                   Emma Hensen m. James McIlree

                   Minnie Hensen  m. Adolph Bielfeldt

                   Amanda Hensen m. Otto Martens

Hensen, Kathrine A.  nee Stuck

          7-4-1846 Stoppelholm, Schleswig, Germany - 4-6-1913

          conf:  1904 St. John's

          m. 1872 to Jurgen Heinrich Hensen

*Hensen, George          "Brother"

          8-30-1886 - 1-26-1955        suicide - hung himself in the barn

                   on the H.H. Thedens farm, where he made his home.

          par:  Jurgen Heinrich & Kathrine A. Stuck Hensen

          service:  Pvt Co. B. 129th Inf.  WW I

Hensen, Herman John

          2-19-1976 Davenport, Iowa - 6-25-1922 Bloomington, Il

          conf:  1893  St. John's

          par:  Jurgen Heinrich & Kathrine Stuck Hensen

Hensen, Theodore Freidrich

          8-27-1872  Davenport, Iowa - 1-28-1934

          conf:  1888 St. John's

          m. 5-2-1894 St. John's to Margaret Timcke

          par:  Jurgen H. & Kathrine Stsuck Hensen

          children:  Harry H. Hensen

                   Dora Hensen m. Herman Stroh

                   Ida Hensen m. Frederick Meyer

                   Martin Hensen

Hensen, Margaret         nee Timcke

          1872 - 10-25-1961

          conf:  1886 St. John's

          m. 5-2-1894  St. John's to Theodore Hensen

          par:  Friedrich Wilhelm & Elsabea Oltman Timcke

Hensen, Henry Hans

          1871 - 1937

          conf:  1888 St. John's

          par:  Jurgen H. & Kathrine Stuck Hensen

Hensen, Harry Adolph

          4-4-1912 - Feb 1961  48 yr 10 mo 6 da

          conf:  1927 St. John's

          m. 1-31-1936 St. John's to Mattie Stinsen

          par:  Otto & Louise Wichmann Hensen

          children:  Glenn Hensen

                   Gary Hensen m. Grimes

                   Gale Hensen

                   Inf. Dau. Hensen

Hensen, Infant Daughter

          buried:  11-23-1937

          par:  Harry A. & Mattie Stinsen Hensen

Hensen, Delmar Otto

          1-10-1922 - 10-14-1968      shot himself

          conf:  1938  St. John's

          m. 6-18-1944 St John's to Florence N. Friday

          par:  Otto & Louise Wichmann Hensen

          children:  Lurene Hensen

                   Verneal Hensen m. Franz Frank

                   Virginia Hensen m. Monty Teuscher

                   Ruth Ann Hensen m. Rick Vance

                   Mary Louise Hensen

Hensen, Florence M.    nee Friday

          3-18-1923 -

          conf:  1935 St. John's

          m. 6-18-1944 St. John's to Delmar Hensen

          m. 7-21-1970 to Alvin Hensen

          par:  Henry A. & Mary Bradshaw Friday

Hensen, Hermann Johann

          buried:  6-27-1922

Hensen, Lurena

          buried:  3-18-1947

          par:  Delmar Otto & Florence M. Friday Hensen

Hermann, Arthur

          4-24-1887  Fordon, Posen Prov., Germany - 2-2-1920  pneumonia

          im:  came to US in May 1914 to Lexington, Il - then to Anchor Twp

                   worked for Henry Brandt, then John Stroh

          m. 12-2-1912 to Augusta Gertrude Stubbe

          children: Gertrude Hermann m. Modahl

                   Irmagard Gertrude Hermann

                   Irene Hildagard Hermann

Hermann, Augusta Gertrude  nee Stubbe

          3-4-1890 Pozon, Germany - 4-1-1984  Atlanta, Il

          m. 12-2-1912 to Arthur Hermann

          m. 5-23-1925 to John L. Brucker

          par:  Herman & Augusta Stubbe

          step-children:  Herbert Brucker m. Mae Miller Barnes

                   Alice Brucker m. Wade Acree

Hermann, Imagard Gertrude Augusta

          1-25-1914  Posen Prov., Germany - 2-3-1920

                   double funeral w/father

          par:  Arthur & Augusta G. Stubbe Hermann

Hermann, Irene Hildagard Martha

          8-18-1917 - 1-21-1920  2 yr 5 mo 6 da

          par:  Arthur & Augusta G. Stubbe Hermann

Hester, Linda L.  nee Lage

          1-24-1944 Bloomington, Il - 3-16-1995  Gibson City - cancer

          conf:  1958 St. John's

          m. 10-10-1965 St. John's to John Hollis Hester

          par:  Leo W. & Dorothy F. Stroh Lage

          children:  Jennifer Lee Hester m. Williams

                   John Christopher Hester

Hildebrandt, Jacob

          buried:  9-2-1888

Hillary, Dale E.

          10-12-1918, Loda, Iroquois County, Il.  -  7-7-2003

          conf:  1941 St. John's

          m. 12-10-1940 Melvin, Il Lutheran Parsonage to Dorothy I. Christensen

          par:  Amos & Bess Schmink Hillary

          children:  Beverly Hillary m.  Virgil Rueck

                   Donald Hillary m. Kathy Borchers

Hillary, Dorothy I.        nee Christensen

          4-24-1921 Sibley, Il - 10-29-1985

          conf:  1935 St. John's

          m. 12-10-1940 Melvin Lutheran Parsonage to Dale E. Hillary

          par:  Tom & Sophia Boettger Christensen

Hinrichsen, Baby - twin

          buried:  5-26-1902

          par:  Hermann & Emma Beecher Hinrichsen

Hinrichsen, Baby Margaretha - twin

          buried:  6-2-1902

          par:  Hermann & Emma Beecher Hinrichsen

Hinrichsen, Heinrich Frederick (or Hinrichs)

          1909 - 1915 

          buried:  8-8-1915

          par:  Peter & Else Bielfeldt Hinrichs

Hinrichsen, Adolph

          par:  Claus F. Hinrichsen

Hinrichsen, Child

          par:  Claus F. Hinrichsen

Hinrichsen, Herman Ferdinand       "Father'

          10-14-1878  Holstein, Germany - 6-26-1946

          conf;  1903  St. John's

          im:  to US in 1888

          m. 1-23-1902  St. John's to Emma Helen Beecher

          children:  Anna Hinrichsen m. Albert Schleeter

                   Roy John William Hinrichsen m. Bertha Klintworth

                   Ralph Hinrichsen m. Hazel Taylor

                   Infant twins

Hinrichsen, Emma Helene     nee  Beecher        "Mother"

          4-1-1882  Anchor Twp - 10-8-1950

          conf:  1897 St. John's

          m. 1-23-1902 St. John's to Herman Ferdinand Hinrichsen

          par:  William A.M. & Anna Stroh Beecher

Hinrichsen, Infants

          par:  Herman Ferdinand & Emma Helene Beecher Hinrichsen

Hinrichsen, Ralph Herman

          2-3-1908 Anchor Twp - 7-20-1969

          conf:  1924 St. John's

          m. 2-21-1929 Bloomington, Il to Hazel I. Taylor

          par:  Herman Ferdinand & Emma Helene Beecher Hinrichsen

          children:  Gerald Hinrichsen m. Marcell

                   Doris Hinrichsen m. Edward Kelly

                             m. Wilber Hyatt

                   Dorothy Hinrichsen m. Milton Sanders

                   Connie Hinrichsen m. Kenneth Fackler, dec.

                             m. Smith

                   Randy Hinrichsen m. Nancy

Hinrichsen, Hazel I.      nee Taylor

          11-25-1910  Anchor, Il - 9-24-1999

          conf:  1930  St. John's

          m. 2-21-1929 Bloomington, Il to Ralph Herman Hinrichsen

          par:  William & Eva Austin Taylor

Hinrichsen, Wilhelm Marcus

          d. 1910

          buried:  4-15-1910  - suicide in Chicago

          par:  Mrs. George Timm

Hinrichsen, Roy John William

          9-19-1905 Anchor Twp - 4-15-1984

          conf:  1921  St. John's

          m. 2-9-1927 St. John's to Bertha Margaretha Klintworth

          par:  Herman Ferdinand & Emma Helen Beecher Hinrichsen

          children:  Marjorie Hinrichsen m. Harold Eyer

                   Gladys Hinrichsen m. Chester Eyer

Hinrichsen, Bertha Margaretha nee Klintworth

          5-5-1905 - 3-14-2003

          conf:  1920  St. John's

          m. 2-9-1927 St. John's to Roy John Willilam Hinrichsen

          par:  Henry & Emma Schleeter Klintworth

Hoffmann, Augusta      nee Fricke  "Mutter"

          11-22-1848 - Brandenburg, Posen, Prov., Germany - 8-2-1909

          conf:  Germany

          im:  US in 1870-1871

          m. 1864 Prussia to Frederick William Hoffmann

          par:  David & Caroline Hammerberg Fricke

*Hoffmann, Frederick William      "Vater"

          5-3-1839 Bergebruck, Posen Prov., Germany - 9-13-1928  Anchor, Il

          conf:  Prussia

          notes:  His father died when Frederick was small.  He was forced to

                   work very young - was an apprentice baker until Prussian wars -

                   he was forced to leave his wife in 1866 and again in 1870 - 1871

                   fearing more wars, he left his family in Germany and came to the

                   US.  At Sibley, Il. he was a baker on the Sibley Estate.  Family

                   came a year later.  He purchased a farm near Anchor and another near

                   Stuttgart, Ark, where they lived in 1903 - 1905.

          m. 1864 Prussia to Augusta Fricke

          service:  Franco-Prussian War, 1870 - 1871

          children:  Ernestine Hoffmann  m. John Kerber

                   Bertha Hoffmann  m. John Lorig

                   Emile Marie Hoffmann  m. John George

                   Henry Hoffmann m. Emma Ulmer

                   Charles Hoffmann m. Ida Ulmer

                   Karolina Hoffmann m. Ernest Brown

                   Harry Hoffmann m. Ida Hafer

                   Frederick Hoffmann m. Dora Wichmann

                   Louis Hoffmann m. Esther Hinrichsen

                   Minnie Hoffmann m. John Muhlenpfort

                   Marie Hoffmann m. Carl Lage

                   Augusta Hoffmann m. Momen Pyle

                   4 children died in infancy

Hoyle, Emma Margaretha Claudina  nee Schmidt

          buried:  2-12-1911

          par:  Johann Schmidt & Anna M. Krohn Schmidt

*Humphrey, E. Gail

          10-18-1920 Colfax, Il - 7-28-1995

          conf:  1950 St. John's

          m. 2-6-1949 St. John's to Faye D. Schleeter - she died 12-30-1967

          m. 1-26-1969 to Wilma Reynolds

          par:  Ernest & Minnie Harms Humphrey

          children:  Lorna F. Humphrey

                   LeAnn Humphrey m. Bredberg

                   Mark Humprhey

          service:  Military Police in AAF  WWII

Humphrey, Faye D.      nee Schleeter

          6-12-1928 Anchor Twp - 12-30-1967

          conf:  1943 St. John's

          m. 2-6-1949 St. John's to E. Gail Humphrey

          par:  Albert John & Anna Margaret Hinrichsen Schleeter

Humphrey, Lorna F.

          12-18-1954 - 3-4-1956  1 yr 2 mo 17 da

          par:  E. Gail & Faye Schleeter Humphrey

Hundt, Bruno Otto

          9-9-1887  Lowenitz, Posen Prov., Germany - 5-20-1918  Columbus Ohio

Huppert, Henry Phillip Heinrich Karl

          7-23-1864 - 10-27-1908

Immick, Peter     

          6-13-1833 - 9-5-1909

          h/o Franziska Jebdiah

Immick, Franziska        nee Jebdich

          3-1-1823 - 2-3-1906

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