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conf. confirmed
m. married
im. imigrated
par. parents
unk. unknown
St. John's: St. John's Lutheran Church at Anchor unless otherwise noted
* service

Farran, Maria Jean

          b&d:  10-5-1983

          par:  Gabrial I. & Alma J. Bielfeldt Farran

Fasking, George Hillard Johann

          1862 Oferswerfe, Oldenburg, Germany - 3-12-1934 Elliott, Il

          m. 9-25-1886 Wilhelmine Schoenfeldt

          m.     Henrike

          par:  Henry & Carolyn Andreae Fasking

          children:  names not known  11 children total

Fasking, Henricke

          1865 - 1939

          buried:  2-3-1939

          m. George Hillard Johann Fasking

Fasking, Fred H.A.

          1865  Oferswerfe, Oldenburg, Germany - 10-5-1930

                   killed while walking along hard road near Gibson City.

          par:  Henry & Carolyn Andreae Fasking

Fasking, Heinrich Ludwig

          10-4-1868 Oferswerfe, Oldenburg, Germany - Sept 1936

          im:  Father was a teacher & died young in Germany.  His mother,

                   the daughter of a Lutheran pastor, came to the US where

                   relative and friends lived.

          m. 3-26-1894 St. John's to Maria M.E. Hansen

          par:  Henry & Caroline Andreae Fasking

          children:  Alvina Christina K. Fasking m. Clarence Willke

                   Clara Margaret Fasking m. Charles Thedens

                   Edna Fasking m. John Brokate

Fasking, Maria Magdalene Elsabea  nee Hansen

          June 1877 - 7-17-1948

          conf:  1892

          m. 3-26-1894 St. John's to Heinrich L. "Henry" Fasking

          par:  Hans J. & Christine Stuck Hansen

Frahm, Johann

          11-12-1836 Holstein, Germany - 12-13-1899  Anchor Twp

          im:  to US in 1868-1869 to Dry Grove Twp, about 1870 to Anchor

          m. 6-14-1863 Germany to Elsabea Niesche Frahm

          dau:  Wilhelmina Frahm m. Heinrich Brandt

Frahm, Elsabea "Elsie"  nee Niesche

          2-22-1838 Weddingstadt, Holstein, Germany - 11-2-1927

          m. 6-14-1863 Germany to Johann Hinrich Frahm

          par:  Adolph & Katharine Broderson Niesche

Frahm, Henrich Johann

          buried:  2-24-1884

Frahm, Herman William

Freitag, Anna Helena Karolina

          4-18-1895 - 9-7-1895

          par:  Henry & Anna Bielfeldt Freitag (Friday)

Freitag, Harold John

          5-3-1909 - 1-7-1910 (a twin)

          par:  George & Mary Bojie Freitag (Friday)

Fricke, Carl David

          12-24-1822  Limmertz, Germany - 3-3-1900 Anchor Twp

          im:  to US 1874

          m. Germany to Caroline Hammerburg

          m. Oct 1883 to Henriette Huffman Steinlicht

          children: all by first wife, Caroline Hammerburg Fricke

                    Augusta Fricke m. Fred Hoffman

                   Ferdinand Fricke m. Marie Sheppleman

                   Gustave Fricke m. Pauline Steinlicht

                   Pauline Fricke m. Fred Gerbracht

                   Six children buried in Germany

Fricke, Caroline  nee Hammerburg

          2-2-1823 Germany - 7-12-1882

          m. Germany to David Fricke

Fricke, Henriette nee Huffman       "Mother"

          3-1-1834 Altendorf, Posen Prov. Germany - 2-3-1917

          im:  Some of the children came to Anchor Twp. where relatives were

                   living.  5-1-1883, she and husband, Frederick Steinlicht and

                   other children were coming to US - husband died at sea in

                   the middle of Atlantic Ocean.  Buried in ocean.

          m. 12-24-1854 Germany to Frederick Steinlicht

          m. Oct 1883 to Carl David Fricke

          children:  Son Steinlicht - died in Germany, age 6 mos

                   Dau Steinlicht - died in Germany, age 3 days

                   Pauline Steinlicht m. Gustave Fricke

                   Gustave Steinlicht m. Margaret Schiesman

                   Ludwig Steinlicht

                   Emil Steinlicht m. Wiebke Rhode

                             m. Anna Simpsen

                   Louise Steinlicht m. Johann Bierman

                   Edward Steinlicht m. Minnie Busse

                   Emma Steinlicht m. Ernest Hardt

                   Julius Steinlicht m. Katherine Bierman

                   Max Steinlicht m. Nannie Munster

Fricke, Gustave L.        "Father"

          10-17-1854 Altleritz, Brandenburg, Germany - 1-15-1930  Morbek, ND

          m. 1883 to Pauline Steinlicht

          par:  Carl David & Caroline Hammerburg Fricke

          children:  Olgar H. Fricke

                   Carl Fricke

                   Louise Minnie Fricke m. Jacob Steinlicht

                             m. Howard Wharrom

                   Martha Fricke m. Hervey J. Milness

Fricke, Pauline    nee Steinlicht      "Mother"

          8-31-1859 Germany - 5-8-1922  Anchor Twp

          m. 1883 to Gustave L. Fricke

          par:  Frederick & Henricke Hoffman Steinlicht

Fricke, Olgar Helene Gertrud

          b. 1884

          d. 4-11-1888

          parents:  Gustave & Pauline Steinlicht Fricke

Fricke, Carl

          1850 - 1890

Friday, Henry Adolph (German is Freitag)

          3-25-1864 Chicago, Il - 3-15-1942 Gibson City, Il

          conf:  1891 St. John's

          m. 2-13-1892 St John's to Anna Bielfeldt

          par:  Frederick & Johanna Lambert Friday

          children:  Wilhelmine Friday m. Fred Wichmann

                   Emma J. Friday m. Fred Riecks

                   Anna Friday

                   Fred Friday m. Mary Bradshaw

                   Henry A. Friday

                   Roy Friday m. Florence Baird

                   Edna Friday m. Ferdinand Landau

Friday, Anna        nee Bielfeldt

          10-17-1874 Anchor Twp - 11-25-1959

          conf:  1891 St. John's

          m. 2-13-1892 St John's to Henry A. Friday

          par:  Frederick & Wilhelmina Niesche Bielfeldt

Friday, Anna H. (listed under Freitag)

          4-18-1875 - 9-7-1895

          par:  Henry & Anna Bielfeldt Friday (Freitag)

*Friday, Henry A.

          8-21-1900 Round Grove, Ind. - 11-15-1961

          conf:  1917 St. John's

          par:  Henry & Anna Bielfeldt Friday

          service:  PVT US Army WW II

Friday, Fred Edward

          8-13-1898 Brookston, Ind. - 4-27-1985

          conf:  1912 St. John's

          m. 12-14-1921 Griggsville, Il to Mary A. Bradshaw

          par:  Henry A. & Anna Bielfeldt Friday

          children:  Florence Friday m. Delmar Hensen

                                      m. Alvin Hensen

                   Ollie Friday m. Darrel Clever

                             m.  Cherland

                   Harold Friday m. Shirley

Friday, Mary A.   nee Bradshaw

           5-2-1900 Griggsville, Il - 5-5-1982

          conf:  1931 St. John's

          m. 12-14-1921 Griggsville, Il to Fred E. Friday

          par:  Sam & Renee Manton Bradshaw

Friday, Roy Christian

          4-14-1902 - 12-22-1964

          conf:  1919 St. John's

          m. 7-3-1948 to Florence L. Baird

          par:  Henry A. & Anna Bielfeldt Friday

Friday, Florence L.       nee Baird

          9-24-1904 Heyworth, Il - 9-26-1974

          m. 7-3-1948 to Roy Christian Firday

          par:  James & Mary Bray Baird

Friday, Edward Carl (under Freitag)

          4-4-1873 - 3-20-1897

          conf:  1891 St. John's

          par:  Heinrich & Hannah Lambert Friday

Geddes, Wiebke

          1868 Germany - Dec. 1896.

          note:           From Colfax Press  12-4-1896 - Mrs. Fred Geddes murdered on

                   John Stroh farm - 8 mi SE of Anchor.  Daughter 5 yrs old was

                   a witness.  Born in Germany - married 6 years.  In US 2 years

          m. Fred Geddes

          dau:  age 5

George, Johann Christian

          4-9-1815 Heide, Holstein, Germany - 2-9-1888

          m. Germany to Christina Hennings

George, Christina         nee Hennings

          3-4-1815 - Germany - 2-15-1894

          conf:  Germany

          m. Germany to Johann Christian George

          children:  Henry George m. Anna Schleeter

                   Claus George

George, Heinrich "Henry"     "Father"

          11-6-1843  Heide, Holstein, Germany - 9-4-1904 Anchor Twp

          conf:  1877  Charter member of St. John's

          m. 1856 Easter - Germany to Anna Schleeter

          par:  Johann Christian & Christina Hennings George

          children:  John George m. Amilie Hoffman

                   Lizzie George m. Ed Riecks

                   Emma George m. Louis Dauel

                   Minnie George m. Adolph Niesche

                   Mary George m. Hans Thedens

George, Anna Mary  nee Schleeter (Schluter)

          5-29-1834 Blackenmohr, Holstein, Germany - 5-19-1915

          m. Easter 1865 Germany to Heinrich "Henry" George

          par:  Hans & Anna Gensin Schleeter

Groth, Peter

          1862 - 3-19-1945

          m. 7-31-1886 Clinton Iowa to Catharina Margaretha Beeck

          children:  8 - not known

Groth, Catharine Margaretha  nee Beeck

          10-12-1863  Delstedt, Holstein Germany - 3-25-1908

          m. 7-31-1886 Clinton Iowa to Peter Groth

Groth, Carsten Heinrich

          buried:  2-22-1889

          par:  Peter & Catherine Beeck Groth

Groth, Hans Albert

          buried:  3-12-1898

          par:  Peter & Catherine Beeck Groth

Groth, Son

          par:  Peter & Catherine Beeck Groth

Gerjets, Anna Maria

          buried:  1-13-1890

Goodandt, Child

Grant, Baby

          buried:  10-14-1924

          par:  Fred Grant

Gutenrath, Christine

          1889 - 1892  2 yr 7 mo

          buried:  3-27-1892

Gutenrath, Katherine Marg.

          1891 - 1892  8 mo

          buried:  6-12-1892

Guse, Amalia H.  nee Walter

          1860 - 1921

          buried:  7-30-1921

Guse, Child

          buried:  11-28-1892

          par:  Carl & Claudine D. Beckmann Guse

Guse, Carl

          9-2-1865 - 3-1-1943

          m. Claudina Dorothea Beckmann

          children:  Emma Johanna Guse

                   Infant Guse

                   Elsie Guse m. Herman Beecher

                   Otto Guse m. Nellie Berlet

                   Carl Guse

                   Herman Guse

Guse, Claudina Dorothea nee Beckmann

          2-3-1865 - 2-28-1900

          m. Carl Guse

          par;  Herman & Margaretha Elsabea Hamm Beckmann

Guse, Emma Johanna

          8-22-1898 - 4-14-1908

          par:  Carl & Claudina D. Beckmann Guse

Guse, Infant  Claudina Wiebka

          b&d  3-19-1897  11 day

          par:  Carl & Claudine D. Beckmann Guse

*Guse, Otto Carl

          9-12-1893 - 8-12-1986

          conf:  1909 St. John's

          m. 2-18-1920 to Nellie Elizabeth Berlet

          par:  Carl & Claudina D. Beckmann Guse

          service:  US Army WW I

          children:  Infant son Guse

                   Edward Herman Guse m. Mrs. Dean Harrison, div

                             m. Mrs. Betty Sandage


Guse, Nellie nee Berlet

          12-14-1893  Chatsworth, Il - 4-26-1990  Colfax, Il

          m. 2-18-1920 to unk Kieper

          m. Otto Carl Guse

          par:  Henry & Martha Wurmnest Berlet

          children:  Evelyn Kieper m. Alvin Beecher

                   Helen Kieper m. unk Arends, dec

                             m. Kenneth Kemple

                   Lucille Kieper m. unk Reeves

Guse, Infant Son

          b&d  9-5-1924  2 da

          par:  Otto Karl & Nellie Berlet Guse

Guse, Edward Herman

          1927 -

          conf:  1943 St. John's

          m. 10-18-1964 St. John's to Mrs. Dean Harrison, div

          m. 8-31-1974 St. John's to Mrs. Betty Sandage

          par:  Otto Karl & Nellie Berlet Guse

          children:  Susan Guse m. unk Lott

                   Deanna Guse m. unk Hamlow

Guse, Betty June  nee McWhorter

          2-1-1934 Verona, Il - 4-20-1994

          conf:  1974 St. John's

          m.  to Sandage

          m. 8-31-1974 St. John's to Edward Herman Guse

          par:  Fred L. & Alta A. Kizzee McWhorter

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